Huevos fritos con trufa negra

Fried eggs with black truffle

fried eggs recipe with black truffle

A simple dish but with unforgettable flavor

Ingredients (4 people)

Today we bring you a very simple recipe but the flavor is one of those that is kept in the mind. Of those at home, of those that everyone likes but that is not so simple to carry out. fried eggs! But not ordinary fried eggs, if not with a particular touch. “Fried eggs with grated black truffle”.

The first thing to say is that to fry an egg it is essential to use extra virgin olive oil. We already have this clear. At this time we are going to the matter. At what temperature? It should be hot but no smoke is coming out. Once we have the next oil, we break the egg in a glass and put it in the pan. We began to pour oil on it to carry out the famous “lace”, with considerable caution. If you pass them with the oil that you add, the yolk will be well cooked.

And … Who wants to eat an egg without a yolk? We will not add the salt until the egg is not on the plate.

Once it is fried, we drain it and put it on top of the fries first.

Once placed on top of the potatoes, we grate the truffle on top and add a crumb of salt and enjoy.