Receta pasta con trufa

Truffle pasta recipe

Pasta with black truffle sauce and parmesan

A simple dish but with a legendary flavor

Ingredients (4 people)

Today we are going to carry out a simple plate of pasta with Vegafría black truffle, only five elements, and that only fans of this mushroom know what a plate of pasta with black truffle and parmesan sauce can carry out.

Believe it or not, it is not an expensive dish, it is not an unattainable starter, at present the black truffle is easy to find and although hearing its price per kilo can be scary (and it varies depending on how the campaign goes), you can see that With a few grams, a meal for 4 is really well scented, although it must be said that the amount that we have put in this recipe for pasta with black truffle and parmesan sauce can even be quite a lot, but we never have enough with it. called black diamond … If you like the black truffle, you already know that there are only a few months to enjoy it in its highest splendor.


Place a saucepan with water to cook the pasta on the fire, when it starts to boil, add salt to taste and then the pasta. Lower the heat and cook with the casserole uncovered, when the pasta is al dente remove it from the heat.

While the pasta is cooking, prepare the truffle and parmesan sauce, prepare a bowl in which you will drop the grated cheese, now, grate the truffle by mixing it with the parmesan. Next, you have the crème fraîche inside and season to taste, assessing that the cheese is already salty and just give the pepper mill once.

Pasta with black truffle sauce and parmesan

Drain the pasta, leaving a little of the cooking water that will help it stay juicy and the sauce spreads and soaks the pasta well. It is not necessary to add olive oil, the sauce already contributes a lot of fat that will lubricate it.

Return the pasta to the casserole and toss in the truffle and parmesan sauce, keeping it for a few minutes over low heat to get some temperature, while you move it carefully with a spatula so that it is distributed evenly.


Serve the pasta with black truffle and parmesan sauce right away, and prepare your guests to enjoy. Enjoy your meal!